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Chapter 13: Winners Concentrate Intensely

1. Concentrate; give the game all your attention.

2. Select situations that minimize distractions.

3. Use “tools” to help you concentrate.

4. Don’t feel obliged to “be polite.”

5. Don’t be too obvious.

Chapter 14: Winners Probe Efficiently

1. Probe frequently.

2. Use many probing methods.

3. Listen when other people probe.

4. Learn where and when to use various techniques.

Chapter 15: Winners Use Feedback Loops Well

1. Keep your mind open to new information.

2. Don’t wait until your mistakes are obvious to everyone.

3. Keep accurate records.

4. Develop all the necessary skills.

5. Relate to people who will tell you the truth, especially when you don’t want to hear it.

6. Make arrangements to get frequent, searching feedback.

7. Make it easy for others to provide helpful feedback.

Gabriele Bruno
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