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Training Programs

CTAB is now offering more time to train, to help you meet your basketball and fitness goals!  By becoming a trainee with CTAB, you now get full access to the following items: 
  • Players will now have more consistent training (more than once a week) to work on their skills and truly develop their game to reach new levels

  • Monthly life skills class

  • Increased community service work through Comcast and Thanksgiving Initiatives

  • All CTAB clients will receive a CTAB shirt 

  • Scholarships for kids who are unable to participate in not only training but the CTAB AAU teams

  • Free NCAA Eligibility Center review for parents who are unclear of the process for college bound student-athletes

  • Tutoring available

  • Discounted summer camps

Don't miss out on this great opportunity of becoming a true student-athlete on and off the court!!
Our group sessions are designed to teach and train players fundamentals and how to advance in game time situations. Athletes will also learn to focus on the team concept and developing a high IQ for the game of basketball. In our group sessions we expect for the players to have a passion for encouraging and motivating teammates and push hard to exceed their individual expectations.

Group Training (4-10pp, per Coach)



$184| 4 SESSIONS


$405 | 10 SESSIONS

 (Some Sundays (depending on season). No Saturdays)

Springfield/Alexandria area

Please refer to our CLIENT AGREEMENT & FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS regarding training packages and refunds.
All appointments are maintained by SCHEDULISTA.
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