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Increase Your Vertical Jump, Speed, and Agility!

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Whether you're in pre-season, in-season, or off-season; the VERTIMAX will give you the results you want and need.  

  • Vertical Jump - VertiMax is the most effective Vertical Jump System because it is able to maximize both explosive leg power and arm swing velocity to maximize the vertical life component leading to superior vertical jump performance gains. VertiMax’s ability to maximize vertical jump performance which is a measure of explosive leg power will transfer to significant gains in other critical sports performance parameters such as first step quickness and overall speed.

         (Jumps measured and tracked for improvement)


  • Speed - VertiMax will radically improve 40 yard dash times and sport specific speed in any direction to give you the speed advantage on any field of play that will separate you from the competition. 


        ​(Sprints timed and tracked for improvement)


  • Functional Strength - VertiMax's ability to dynamically and simultaneously load multiple points on the human body can deliver superior strength and conditioning benefits for athletics, everyday life activities and rehabilitation purposes. In comparison, traditional exercise machines restrict movements to a single plane of motion, which is an unnatural form of movement for the body and potentially lead to faulty movement patterns or injury.

8 SESSIONS      |     $320/package

1 SESSION        |     $60

*30-45 minute workout
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