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High School Basketball Game

Semi - Private


Our semi-private training package permits participants to receive personal training from one of our qualified skills trainers. Semi-private sessions are designed to cater to individual player needs. With this training, you are the focus. Every person has different needs, goals, fitness levels, and limitations. Your trainer will focus on helping you.

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Group Training

Our group sessions are designed to teach and train players fundamentals and how to advance in game time situations. Athletes will also learn to focus on the team concept and developing a high IQ for the game of basketball. In our group sessions we expect for the players to have a passion for encouraging and motivating teammates and push hard to exceed their individual expectations.


Camps & Clinics

We provide camps to enhance skill sets, basketball fundamentals, and create a new and fun environment for the youth around the community.

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Strength & Conditioning

Get Better. Faster. Stronger.


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Vertimax Training

This is the best training system to build up and lower body speedy & strength.

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Game & Highlight


CTAB will break down your footage, extract stats, and do an in-depth analysis of player's game.

High School Basketball Team

Team Training

Need help with the x's and o's in team play? As well as enhance each players physical and mental IQ? We got you! Click here for more info.

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