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"Dear Coaches Daryl and Le,


First off, THANK YOU so much for expertly coaching Elizabeth these past several months! All your confidence and encouragement really helped Elizabeth. She made the WSHS freshman basketball team!!!! When she found out this evening, she was full of joy! She's a Lady Spartan!


Elizabeth says thank you for coaching her--that all the drills and conditioning enabled her to be successful! She said that both of you honed her skills and helped her prepare for the tryouts. She remembered your advice to be vocal, hustle, and have fun and did just that!"

-Rebecca K.

"My son, who will be a sophomore next year, has been training with Coach Daryl the last few months.  Without question my son's game and confidence on the court has improved. Daryl was quickly able to identify weak areas and has structured the training to strengthen those areas.  He brings an intensity to his training that benefits the athlete who truly wants to improve his game and is willing to work hard to achieve that improvement. I've tried several different development programs, camps, and trainers over the years and have found Daryl's approach one of the best. As a parent, I particularly appreciate his message of the value of leadership both on and off the court. There's no question that Daryl is very effective in conveying a powerful message to his trainees, and his background of having playing at the collegiate level as well as having learned basketball in the high-intensity Hampton area provides credibility to that message."

-Ray G.

"We are blessed to be a part of CTAB! Coach Leia and Coach Daryl are a dynamic team that have inspired both our boys to dream and achieve great things. Our youngest son, Josh, stopped playing basketball two years ago and just started again at age 12. He made a division 1 county select team because CTAB gave him the skills and confidence to tryout. Our oldest son, Nathan, is playing varsity as a freshman. He made the varsity team because he worked hard. CTAB has helped Nathan with his basketball IQ, but more importantly CTAB has helped him to connect hard work with results both on the court and in the classroom. We have been with CTAB a year and they are part of our family. Our boys think they CAN achieve, because of CTAB.
'Whether you think you CAN, or you think you CAN'T--you're right.'
-Henry Ford
We were right when we signed our boys up for CTAB."
-Hester Family

"They are also amazing coaches who are able to see him play in games and reinforce and tweak his training program.  The amount of time they invest in Kalen goes beyond the training sessions or any amount I could ever pay."

-Kidada B.

The thing that I like about CTAB is that they always encourage and push you to give maximum effort. If you are not doing a drill at 100% effort, they will stop you and counsel you on why you need to give maximum effort. This has enabled me to get better and improve my skills. Also, I like the attention to details that they provide. IF YOU ARE TRYING TO TAKE YOU GAME TO THE NEXT LEVEL, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU CONTACT CTAB TO START YOUR TRAINING.

-Bernard P.

Our son really enjoys training with CTAB.  Training is hard and challenging, and it is worth doing as he prepares to get to the next level. WORK!

-D. Canada

Coaches Le and Darryl Towe have brought my daughter's game to a new level.  They offer great skills training and conditioning -- likely the best basketball trainers for middle and high school players in the area.

-David S.

I have trained with CTAB since they started . I owe so much of my development and growth to Coaches Daryl and Le. Thank you for teaching me and helping me grow as a person and basketball player. 

-Dylan H.

I am so impressed with the training, professionalism, and dedication, that I have seen in both Daryl and Le.  They instill a level of disapline into the  sport for my child, who is excited each week to learn something new that will help better his basketball playing.  I especially love that they reinforce what I have been trying to teach him: hard work, focus, and dedication are the only ways!

-Crissy T.

CTAB has been a perfect fit for us! Daryl and Le really care about the development and success of our son. Their efforts have really improved Austin’s basketball skill and understanding of how to play the game. They are superb coaches who emphasize the positive attitude, teamwork and work ethic required to succeed…critical life skills required on and off the court. They are absolutely terrific.

-Brian & Heidi M.

I am really enjoying learning the game of basketball with CTAB. Daryl and Le are very knowledgable about the game, from the fundamentals to elite level skills and strategies. I took up the game late in life, so they provide a good balance of beginner's instruction with challenge and rigor for me. Along the way, they are very encouraging. They work very well together and make hard work fun!

-Carol M.

Le has been a wonderful trainer and accountability partner for fitness.  Thanks for pushing me beyond my perceived abilities. I'm looking forward to a healthier and slimmer me!

-Michelle E.

Thanks to CTAB for all the help they have provided to not only Sebastian, but to my family.  CTAB is not only basketball, but they help in anything I ask for. Sebastian has improved his confidence, strength, and believing in himself thanks to the guidance he has recieved from his coaches.  I personally have seen change in Sebastian's behavior, commitment only only in basketball, but in other life issues too. CTAB has been there for my family since our first meet up, to today, and they never say 'no' to anything our family asks for. THANK YOU CTAB for being there; for your patience and guidance.  

-Elsa S.

CTAB has truly been a blessing to my two sons.   Their skills and love for basketball has improved tremendously.   They love coming to training, but training is no joke.  Coach Le and Coach Darryl have the right vision, spirit, knowledge and love for the game.  They hold no punches.  God bless you both for your dedication and good works.

-The Lewis's

We love this program!  Under CTAB program our son’s ball handling and shooting skills have dramatically improved.  He also has more confidence on the court and loves the game more than ever.

-Leslie R.

CTAB Hoops helped my nephew gain a deeper understand of what it takes to take his “game” to the next level. He learned that it takes preparation and planning to be successful. He was taught to push himself mentally and physically. He learned to be accountable for his actions. Finally, he learned how to apply what he learned during the training sessions on the basketball court and in the classroom. The result of the training and mentorship provided by CTAB is a more confident and consistent student-athlete (on and off the court). The CTAB staff shares personal lessons that have been learned over the years, there is no price that can be placed on the personal touch that is provided by the CTAB staff. Thanks a lot! 

-Justin M.

We’ve had an awesome experience with CTAB.  They definitely take an all around approach to

improving your skill set.  My son benefitted from CTAB-led training focused on mental fortitude, footwork, physical conditioning and a lot of the nuances of the game that tend to get overlooked.  We will definitely continue with the program and I’d offer my highest recommendation to anyone looking to better their child’s performance on and off the court.

-Lewis E.

I’ve been training with CTAB for a while now it has increased my confidence, basketball IQ, and overall playing ability.  Coach Le and Coach Daryl are great people; they are laid back and chill but know when it’s time to get serious!

-Gabriel K.

CTAB training is fun and useful.  It is really helping me to achieve my goal of becoming a better player.  Le and Daryl are great coaches, they are really patient and kind.

-Elijah K.

CTAB coaching of kids is excellent. My son improved a lot since he started taking CTAB classes. 

-Prasanna K.

Excellent 1 on 1 coaching!

-Amirah A.

I want to thank CTAB for investing in my future. Coach Leia and Coach Daryl truly care about how I do and have helped me to become a student athlete at Edison HS. I have been working with them for over a year and they know my strengths and weaknesses. They helped prepare me for Varsity Basketball and helped me to dream about a future that I can work to achieve. I’m grateful that they can see the player I can be, not just the player I am today.

-Nate H.

CTAB helped build my confidence. They helped me become a better basketball player. I have improved my shooting and ball control because of CTAB.

-Josh H.

We credit CTAB for helping Valentino hone his skills, mature, and start being a leader on the basketball court.  We have loved working with Coach Daryl, who knows immediately how to address issues we are having and bring to his attention.

-Helene S.

Many thanks! 


Wonderful and meaningful  experience.  I've learned and documented quit a bit over the past few months. I will continue to practice and implement, however My only regret is my knee mind tells me I can do much more and be much better but my body ( @ least right now ) gives me pause. Regardless- I'll keep pushing! 


You all are excellent, professional and CARING trainers. And because of your character and skill you will continue to be leaders in your industry. I'm certain I'll reach out in the near future for private training.  In the meantime and given your schedule - we look forward to seeing you at a few of our games.


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