Community Outreach Programs and Partnerships 



CTAB is more than just a training organization.  We value reaching out to those who embark on the same missions as ours:

empowering youth and future leaders of tomorrow!


If you are interested in building a partnership with CTAB, or would like help with your upcoming projects/events- please shoot us an email at:  

We will try our BEST to accomodate you and your community!!


Thank you



Comcast Cares Day

St. Martin de Porres Senior Center

4650 Taney Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22305



General Clean-Up, landscaping, painting & beautification


Order My Steps, LLC

OMS has proven college search and recruiting strategies that have helped over 40 students and athletes over a decade attend college, obtain college scholarship and play at next levels. 


Based in Northern Virginia, OMS believes in the art of transforming your dream into reality by breaking down the task into defined and manageable STEPS.  OMS uses its experiences in the recruiting process, approach to attending college, services, and tools to develop a unique process to help youth set and achieve their future collegiate and athletic goals.


Take the right STEP and please contact:

Orlanda Burks

CEO/President of Order My Steps, LLC




Twitter @ItsOrderMySteps, LinkedIn, and Facebook

The Divinity Project

This group was created as a way for women to come together and discuss areas of life that affect us daily. Tasks, emotions, and burdens enthrall women on a regular basis. Many times, women decide to deal with issues- good or bad- alone, and can be caught in a turmoil of conflicted feelings.  In return, these feelings can eventually lead to unwarranted results.  Through TDP, women have the opportunity to speak openly about questionable areas of their lives, and receive Godly advice, prayer, and support, on how to deal with those areas.  TDP is a way for women to connect with other women in the community, grow spiritually in Christ, and show how valuable shared experiences can be!


For More Information: 

This is an opportunity for great men of influence to come together to discuss, share and testify their personal experiences and knowledge on various subjects. Some of the topics of discussion will be: Walking in Faith, Manning Up, Business & Entrepreneurship, Living a Focused Life, Purpose and How to Be a Better Man. Men need to acknowledge and remind ourselves that we have power and authority as Kings and servers of GOD.


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